A few (of the hundreds of) sites that I have built

  • CocoNutFitness.com was built under the direction of Internet marketing group CloudSurfingMedia.com The site features a number of custom eCommerce modules built specifically for CocoNutFitness.com

  • http://www.AmeerRosic.com was built under the direction of CloudSurfingMedia.com This unique eCommerce site features innovative programming and layout. Ameer Rosic has over 15K hits per day.

  • I built this site for graphic design partner Mourgo Creative Solutions. Toronto based, Mourgo.com specializes in a diversity of web & marketing and unique print production solutions.

  • I built TruthBelt.com under the direction of digital marketing team CloudSurfingMedia.com I coded the entire site. It is built with a totally unique custom template, and utilizes the WooCommerce shopping cart. The site sells 100% Vegan belts, made and produced in Canada.

  • I built this Toronto based SBMB Law site under the direction of design partner Mourgo.com The site consist of over 100 pages, and a number of custom templates.

  • I built this custom site for Toronto based Lacquer Channel Mastering. To create this site I build a custom PHP database to allow Lacquer Channel to list and feature 100’s of Artist. Lacquer Channel Master, for over 40 years has mastered many of the music industries finest artists.

  • I built NeverestMusic.com for graphic design partner Mourgo.com – Neverest Music is one of Canada’s hottest bands.

  • CardiacMonitoring.com features custom sidebars, and a unique layout that I designed with the site owner.

  • Hosted on Big Commerce, I did all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming for site. The graphic design is by Mourgo.com This site consist of creating a custom built Big Commerce template of a totally unique look and feel using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming. AdoreForLife.com

  • Frame of Mind is one of Toronto’s finest art galleries. This site was built in three stages. First I built the site in WordPress. I then created a custom built art gallery. Finally I optimized the site for SEO. As with any site SEO is an ongoing work. This site features a complete custom PHP… [Continue Reading]