I built this is custom site for Lacquer Channel Mastering. It features a custom database backend designed to list and feature their 40 years of mastering some of the industries finest artists.

I built for graphic design partner – Neverest Music is one of Canada’s hottest bands.

Lawyers servicing Markham, Richmond Hill & GTA I SBMB Law' - www_sbmblaw_com

This site was built several years ago. It consist of over 100 pages, and a number of custom templates.


I built under the direction of digital marketing team I coded the entire site. It is built with a totally unique custom template, and utilizes the WooCommerce shopping cart.

CoconutFitness was built under the direction of The site features a number of custom modules built specifically for this site.


I built this site in several stages. Originally it was built from a premium (pre-built) template, but as often happens pre-built templates never satisfy the owners requirements. In rebuilding this site it now shows over 101+ stories on the home page. Note this photo is only a small snapshot. has 100,000 visitors a month.

'Mourgo Creative Solutions I Custom design for print, multimedia and the web, as well as advertising and corporate identity_' - mourgo_com

I built this site for graphic design partner Mourgo Creative Solutions. specializes in a diversity of web & marketing and unique print production solutions.

'Ameer Rosic RHN, FDN - Helping You Achieve Optimal Health with Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Paleo' - www_ameerrosic_com

Ameer Rosic – Helping You Achieve Optimal Health Through Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Methylation Testing, and Kettlebell Training. This site feature innovative programming and layout. AmeerRosic has over 10K hits per day.

'Cloud Surfing Media - Digital Marketing Strategies That Work!' - www_cloudsurfingmedia_com

I built this site for Web graphic design partner – Cloud Surfing media specializes in a diversity of web & marketing SEO solutions.

Adore For Life_com

I did the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming for site, hosted on Big Commerce. The graphic design is by AGFX Design. This site required taking a Big Commerce basic template and recreating a totally new look and feel using HTML, CSS and Javascript programming.